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Death of Narrative by Ted Lawson



Golden tear 100/80 cm oil on canvas


An old one. Pencils.

Sculpture by Rabarama 

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Ordinary Women Transformed into Alien Femme Fatales

Russian deviantART user tauart turns ordinary women into spectacular alien versions of themselves. The otherworldly makeup and body paint applied by the crafty artist transforms everything from hair and skin color to skin shape and texture.

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Gollum by SmugOne 

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Still off the grid exploring the music of nature.

This is day two hundred and twenty-one.



mj lindo also painted AFA an exclusive art! I’m forever grateful…


Street Art by Be Free - In Melbourne, Australia

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Mario Alba is an illustrator based in Barcelona, Spain who created the amazing portrait illustrations in watercolor and mixed media.

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Lost in Wonderland by Natalie Shau

Vilnius, Lithuania based artist Natalie Shau specialized in photography, photo manipulation. Her work is often portrayed in Gothic Fantasy style.

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The Tipi modular shelving system

'Their Finest Hour' Time-lapse about the city of London, its beauty and its contradictions by Diego Ventura

Seduction - oil painting on canvas by Fabiano Millano